Kid's toys shades & Waiting shades: of high-density polyethylene netting cloth.
Kid's toys shades & Waiting shades: of PVC & PVDF tarpaulin covers.
Kid's toys shades & Waiting shades: of louvers & slides of wooden plastic.

The kid's toys & Waiting shades: are main and basic of our products and our top priority because these shades are the utmost importance to protection of children during play of the blazing sun.
We are in Shades Systems (Not the only manufacturer of this product, but we are the better) so we put this product under the auspices of a permanent development and innovation in order to offer the best possible specifications for these shades.

We have various kinds with different sizes of kid's toys & Waiting shades.

We have kid's toys & Waiting shades with different shapes and distinctive designs, we have taken into our consideration the consumer gusto, as well as the shade site for the sun movement, so we give him free advice and we offer him the appropriate design of his shade according to their location.

We are in (Shades systems) Harmonious and integrated team, in order to produce integrated product specifications, technical aspects of aesthetic and economic.

Our prices are always modest and compatible with the specifications that we provide, and are suitable for all customer segments.

We have a wide range of designs and shapes and beautiful products of all sizes, and commensurate with the needs of all customers.

The shade covers we have are manufactured from the finest and best products to resist the nature factors, the changing nature and resistant to high temperatures, especially in countries of the Arabian Gulf, and resistant to harmful UV rays of the contents Human.

Our shade covers are manufactured from high quality materials with international standards match material of (polyethylene) netting cloth, which gives a shadow rate of more than 95% manufactured in the best of the global factories.
And some of covers are PVC & PVDF tarpaulins.

The kid's toys & Waiting shades roofs some times are from wood plastic and Brick which have high specifications as:-
- Not affected by heat or cold
- Do not crack or damaged. 
- Does not change its color and natural wood-like appearance beautiful.
- Eco-friendly does not have harmful side effects on human health
- Its not suitable for insects lives.
- Flexible and strong to resist for long life.

The steel structures of kid's toys shades
are designed and studied by high quality engineers specializing in these products, so the product be of aesthetic with superb form.

These structures are painted by high quality of paint or by thermal powder coating, resistance of nature factors, (and the colors match the color of the cover).

And so we make hot deep galvanizing for the structures private in areas of high humidity and salty atmosphere near the sea, to resist the rust, corrosion and humidity.

Our high-quality installation service is available to all suburbs across Jeddah City or anywhere in Saudi Arabia, quickly and efficiently installing domestic and commercial shade covers at an affordable price.

Our installation stuff is professional & qualified with high experience to ensure successful business, and achieve maximum safety and protection. And more, we offer free advices to our customers.

Different shapes and sizes are available so that you can choose the best shade sail and awnings for your needs. Lightweight materials allow easy handling, installation and removal, and expert construction means that your shade sail can last up to 10 years

Our aim is not only to sell - but our aim is to offer the best of our products for our customers and meet their desire and make his request.

Our slogan always is Quality & Creativit



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